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2018 Olympian. Canadian Snowboard Team Member. 5x National Champion.

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That Friday feeling 🕺. Any more focus and I probably would’ve popped a blood vessel. P- @chrisrobanske

Was having too much fun on Canada day to post, but happy belated #Canadaday ! I love this country. I also love public speaking. Ok that last comment was a lie 🙈.

The look I get when I suggest sushi for dinner vs. Italian. Excited to have this one back in 🇨🇦 in a couple weeks! P- @chrisrobanske

We wear tuxedo shirts because it says we’re formal, but we’re also here to party. Great times down in Oregon with an all star squad 🤘

This past month I’ve been back @questuniversitycanada learning all about bees, specifically the honey bee. For my final project, part of what I did was to take micro photography of different pollinators in Squamish. It was a great experience to say the least. A take homes from this course. Don’t believe vegans when they say they don’t rely on animals for food. We rely on Pollinators for their ecological services for about 1/3 of all our food sources. 85% of that work is done by the honey bee. Due to anthropogenic influences such as pesticide usage, pests and pathogens, as well as land use changes, the honey bee populations are in decline and have more and more trouble rebounding after the winter each year. Do you want to help the bees? Then plant some flowers. There’s an app called Beesmart pollinator garden which geolocates you and suggests native flowers to plant. Also, be wary of where you buy your flowers from. Some companies spray seeds with neonics (pesticides), so ask before you buy! Pic: 1,2. Honeybee. 3. Yellow Jacket . 4. Bumble Bee

Pretty proud of the way Tower 1 played this weekend in the Mulligan’s Island golf tournament. Team baywatch hitting bombs and saving lives.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there, especially this one 😘. Thanks for always being there xo

On Thursday, June 20th the Canada Snowboard crew will be in Toronto for the 2nd annual #yetisummit. It’s a fundraiser with fun and games with 100% of the funds going directly to the national team programs. Go grab a ticket or sign up a team and come hang out with yours truly, among many others 🤘! Tickets available at www.yetisummit.com

Pretty happy to have the whole squad out here this Weekend!

✌️ out Cape Verde. It’s been a slice. Excited to be headed home after a very long time on the road!

A few of my favourite shots from our trip to #capeverde so far. Been having too much fun and basically wanted to let my parents know I’m still alive. Hi mom 👋