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2018 Olympian. Canadian Snowboard Team Member. 5x National Champion.

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Half way through the season and it’s time to head home for a short break before the next long haul. This season has been full of adversities, but has also delivered many lessons learned. Headed home to recharge the body and mind to finish the season strong.

23rd Yesterday @engadinscuolzernez World Cup. Though I’m not satisfied, it’s a step in the right direction and I’m beginning to enjoy it again! Two more world cups this week. Let’s get it ✊.

Been all business here in 2020 and I haven’t really taken the time to take some photos. However, sometimes the paparazzi catches you striking a pose @jjhawkrigg

Not going to lie, this isn’t how I imagined starting the 2020 season. Two disappointing results in Russia has left me frustrated, but with some valuable lessons learned. A new week brings new opportunities- looking forward to @cortinadolomiti World Cup this weekend.

Time to get back to business. Europe bound tomorrow to prep for the first races of the 2020 season!

This is my snowboard. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Pumped to get back on it in a weeks time!

Thankful for days like this and living in a place that makes me feel like a kid again! Happy thanksgiving weekend 🇨🇦 #gobblegobble

Yearning for Turning. Won’t be long now 🙇‍♂️.

Making the most of shoulder season on my favourite Squamish trail before its time to switch from brown pow to the white stuff! Who knows what trail this is? P - @chrisrobanske

This world’s pretty great. For me, I deeply enjoy being immersed in the elements and in nature. It’s easy to blame corporations and government entities for making decisions based on greed instead of the right thing to do. Though that may be true, we as the people need to collectively be better, from corporations to the individual. We must do better, I must do better. It’s time we make decisions based on the future, rather than for short term gains. The future generations greatly depend on the decisions we make today, and every day following. The time is now.

The past couple weeks have been hectic and arguably too much fun. Happy to be back into the routine and training for the upcoming season! #letthegoodtimesroll

That’s it, that’s all ✌️. Had a blast down here in Chile, but happy to be headed home to catch the last bit of summer 🇨🇦.

Game face bro. Just finished up the riding down here @skicorralco. Feeling healthy, strong and excited for this season 🤘

Man soup featuring the Motley Crüe. Found some hot springs in the middle of the bush after training and it did not disappoint.